Yonghwa Lee Security Researcher

🙋‍♂️ About Me

I am a M.S. student @KAIST SysSec Lab. My research interest is to find, analyze, and exploit software and hardware vulnerabilities. Especially, I'm putting my effort into offensive IoT, Embedded, and CPS(Cyber-Physical System) security. And Since 2018, I've been participating in major CTFs as a member of @CyKor.

📘 Education

Mar. 2021 - M.S., Graduate School of Information Security, KAIST (Advisor: Yongdae Kim)
Mar. 2017 - Feb. 2021 B.S., Department of Cyber Defense, Korea University

📜 Research Interest

Software Security Reverse Engineering / Firmware analysis
Embedded & CPS Security Drone / IoT devices (Router, E-Scooter, SIM Box, etc.)
Cellular & Mobile Security Device fingerprinting / Cellular localization

🔎 Extra Curricular

2019 - 2020 KITRI Best of the Best(BoB) 8th : End-to-End Security Analysis on Electric Scooter Sharing System
2017 - Korea University Hacking Team (CyKor)

🏁 CTFs

2020 8th place, DEFCON 28 Final (CyKor)
2020 8th place, WhiteHat Grand Prix 06 Final (JustToPlay)
2019 9th place, DEFCON 27 Final (SeoulPlusBadAss)
2019 5th palce, WCTF Onsite Final (CyKor)
2019 8th place, 0CTF/TCTF Final (CyKOR)
2019 7th place, DEFCON China BCTF Final (CyKOR)
2019 6th place, Codegate University Final (SleepTight)
2018 9th place, WhiteHat GP 2018 Final (JustToPlay)

👨‍💻 Skills

Programming Language C, C++, Python(with Django), Java & Kotlin, JavaScript(with Node.js)
Operating System Linux - Ubuntu, CentOS / Unix - macOS
Server Management Amazon AWS EC2, Container (Docker & Kubernetes)
Hardware Development & Reverse Engineering Drone, LTE & Bluetooth modules, EVB boards, etc.